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Mon Feb 25th 2019

Cedar Park Development Led by Award-Winning Mueller Team


The much anticipated new development in Cedar Park is moving forward as the City of Cedar Park selected a master developer.

RedLeaf Properties of Austin, with founder Matt Whelan at the helm, will drive this exciting project forward. Whelan’s previous experience is impressive, with  Mueller - recognized as a top redevelopment nationwide - and Highland projects crowning his resume.

"We are honored to have been selected by Cedar Park.   We embrace the vision that's been established by the community, creating a gathering place, a destination that will be a social hub and contribute to the sense of identity for the City of Cedar Park. It's an ambitious project but we believe that is achievable with proper planning, a long-term approach, and strong partnership.  We look forward to building upon the community's vision and delivering a project that we will all be proud of,” shared Rob Shands, a partner at RedLeaf Properties.

The City’s goal is to create a civic heart and social hub for residents and non-residents alike. Coined the Bell Boulevard District, the development will include 40 acres of mixed-use space featuring shops, restaurants, offices and housing. An additional 12 acres will be preserved as the Buttercup Creek Natural Area. A new public library is also being considered as part of the development.

For years, the City has been purchasing property along Bell Boulevard in preparation for this project. Bell Boulevard will move eastward to accommodate the new development. City leaders expect road construction to begin in late 2019 and last about 18 months.

Some local businesses will have to close or move as this project progresses. The general manager of an affected business, Moonie’s Burger Bar, said it best.

"We have a small business," Meyer said. "The more people that we bring to Cedar Park, it helps everyone out."


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