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Wed Oct 14th 2020

What To Know Before Selling This Season

The pandemic has changed how we function as a society with social distancing and masks becoming the new norms. Covid has also changed real estate and how to sell and buy property to keep up with health mandates and to create a safe environment for everyone. At Mallach and Company, we have continued to pride ourselves on how passionate we are about buying and selling homes in Austin. We’ve extended this passion for creating a safe and healthy environment for all our clients. So, if you’re preparing to sell your house this fall or winter, here are the key things to know!   

Online Marketing is Crucial

Due to the pandemic, most listings now included either a virtual or 3D tour option as an alternative for an in-person open house. This is crucial for making that great first impression on buyers. 

At Mallach and Company, we know when, where, and how to advertise your property! We tap into our connections to market your house to other real estate agents and the public. These connections work in our favor since over 50% of real estate sales are cooperative sales. This means real estate agents other than yours brings in the buyer. 

Home Improvements

The easiest and quickest way to transform your property is through some small but significant improvements. We recommend painting, de-cluttering, deep cleaning, power washing, and carpet cleaning before listing. These simple tasks will magically transform your home into a brand new one! 

Small repairs like a loose handle, leaky faucet, hole or dent in the wall are also crucial for selling your home at the highest quality. Put your house’s best foot forward and put it in the best condition possible so you can get the highest price. 

Unoccupied & Vacant

If it’s possible to have your home unoccupied and vacant, this will get you the fastest sale. This appeals to buyers since they can easily imagine themselves living in the house and allows for in-person private tours. 

Staging your unoccupied and vacant home can also highlight your selling points. 94% of ASP staged homes sell in 29 days or less! Today, people are looking for home offices, personal gyms, and outdoor amenities like pools and fireplaces. If one of these areas is staged, it can help create that fantasy in the buyer’s mind about living in the house. Appearance is critical for selling a home in today’s market! 

Now Is The Time

The market is on fire! Buyers are comforted by the low-interest rates, so houses are getting snatched off the market. If you’ve decided to sell this season, now is the time to be motivated and prepare to get it on the market. To prepare, vacate your home if possible, and stage it for potential buyers to visit. If that’s not an option, purge, de-clutter, and clean your home thoroughly. 

Houses in Texas are selling fast, so we hope you’ve decided to sell this season! At Mallach and Company, we are committed to your success because it’s your money, dreams, and lifestyle. And we’re the team that will help you reach those dreams and lifestyle. So call (512) 699-9714 or email today to reach your dreams!

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