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Mallach and Company's Marketing Plan for Travisso Custom Lots

The Parade of Homes event offers a wealth of opportunity to promote the five-star lifestyle of Travisso to viable prospects. In fact, studies show that:
• 18% of attendees intend to build or buy
• 66% of attendees have household incomes over $100,000
• Attendees come from also all over Central Texas
Crafting a thorough and thoughtful marketing campaign to catch Parade visitors will be an important component of the overall marketing effort.

Engage in a Thoughtful, Lifestyle Marketing Campaign "How Will Your Travisso Life Unfold?" to Paint a Picture of What It's Like to Live and Love Travisso. Production has Begun on This Marketing Tactic.

Kick Off an Innovative and Engaging Marketing Campaign with the Back Inside Cover of the Parade of Homes Magazine. Draft of Print Ad Linked Here.

Gain Social Media Traction with Social Card Graphics for Social Media (sample Social Card linked here). Click Here to View Our Very Active Facebook Page, Instagram PageLinkedIn Company Page, and Tina's LinkedIn Professional Profile. Production has Begun on This Marketing Tactic.

Our First of Many Travisso Short Video Promotions to be Released on Our Social Channels This Week:

Use Laser-Targeted, Image-Rich Social Media Advertising Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 

Capture the Eye of Potential Buyers with Stunning, High-Quality Print Marketing Collateral (brochure sample linked here), Including Lifestyle Marketing Pieces to Showcase the Travisso lifestyle. Production has Begun on This Marketing Tactic.

Engage the Senses with a Property Hype Video for the Available Travisso Lots (sample embedded below). Production has Begun on This Marketing Tactic.

Feature Page on the Mallach and Company Website: "How Will Your Travisso Life Unfold?" Designed to Paint a Picture in the Mind of the Buyer Prospect of What Life is Like in This Amazing Community. Showcase the Available Lots with Detailed Information and Calls-to-Action. Production has Begun on This Marketing Tactic.

Create High-Quality Property Blog Posts that Features Available Lots and Includes an Embedded Hype Video, Full Description, Photo Tour, Bulleted Features List, a Map, and More.

Spread the Word with a Targeted Direct Mail Campaign in the Form of a Beautiful Flyer or Compelling "Available Custom Lots" Jumbo Postcard.

Tap Into the Mallach and Company Buyer Database with Our Targeted and Gorgeous Email Marketing Campaigns. Production has Begun on This Marketing Tactic.

Engage in a Consistent, High-Value Follow-Up Campaign for All Interested Buyers in an Effort to Help Them Arrive at a Purchase Decision of a Travisso Custom Lot.

Inspire Word-of-Mouth Referrals from Current and Past Travisso Custom Lot Buyers by Offering a Referral Appreciation Program.

Submit Periodic Press Releases to Local Media in an Effort to Raise Awareness and Inspire Community Visits.

Track Google Analytics on the Mallach and Company Website with Detailed Monthly Reports to Determine Specifics on Who is Visiting the Travisso Custom Lots/How Will Your Travisso Life Unfold? Pages. Make Adjustments to Improve Reach.

Analyze Monthly Social Media Insights and Video Statistics to Determine the Effectiveness of the Marketing Campaign and Make Adjustments as Necessary to Improve Reach and Conversions.

Be Nimble and Make Adjustments to the Marketing Campaign to Keep the Content and Style Fresh and Engaging.

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