Traditional Real Estate Agents vs. Discount/Limited-Service Real Estate Agents:

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As technology changes, so does the Austin real estate market and how the industry conducts business. One of those changes includes discount and limited-service real estate agents, but if you’re not quite clear on the distinctions between them and traditional real estate agents, you may not be getting the most from the buying or selling experience. Compare and contrast what each agent and broker can offer you in order to find the perfect match.

Touring Properties

When you work with a traditional real estate agent, you’re able to build a strong relationship. Your REALTOR® begins to see trends in what you like/dislike, can recommend neighborhoods and may be able to find you a home before it hits the market. If you go through an online platform, you’ll be working with a variety of limited-service agents who will have limited knowledge of the local market to offer you help and suggestions. 

Communicating with Clients

Limited-service agents have a higher number of clients and transactions to deal with. This means that there’s a greater likelihood that they won’t be able to answer phone calls, return calls, or email important information in a timely manner. In a fast-paced market, it’s crucial to have an agent that will be able to get back to you, answer any questions, and offer advice when you need it. Traditional real estate agents understand that it’s important to be available for their clients and make it their mission to communicate well and consistently.

Consider the Services Offered and Price

When selling a home, many people are looking to save a few dollars while getting their home sold quickly and for top dollar. There are:

  • Flat fee MLS brokers that only charge a base rate of a few hundred dollars, but it only gets your house inputted into the MLS. Some flat fee brokers have add-on services or a variety of real estate packages that you can buy. The trouble with this is that you often face the tedious task of selling a home with little to no support.
  • Full-service discount brokers typically offer full services with a discounted commission, but sometimes there’s a catch. Sometimes these brokers will slash the commission only if the seller agrees to use them as their representation when it comes time to buy a home in order to ensure they get a buyer commission. 
  • Traditional brokers and agents that have experience and knowledge of the local market. You receive full support through each stage of the real estate transaction, from creating a property listing to negotiating an offer. Unlike other brokerages, boutique brokerages make you their priority and don’t rest until after the closing has been handled and the keys are in your possession. 

Navigating the nuances of buying and selling a home takes experience, understanding, patience, and great communication. You want to trust that you’re using a trusted professional that is earning their commission and able to handle any situation that comes your way. At Mallach and Company, your best interests are always at the top of our mind, and we’re with you every step of the way. No matter what comes up, we work with you, for you, and beside you to buy or sell your home. Contact us with any questions at (512) 699-9714 or We would be honored to show you how our boutique brokerage differs from all the rest.

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