Moving Long Distances to Leander Successfully

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Leander is constantly growing and it’s not stopping anytime soon! In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau names Leander the Nation’s Fastest-Growing Large City.  So if you’re thinking about moving to our wonderful city, we’re going to give you some tips to make the move smoother and more successful! 

1. Try It Before You Buy It

Moving to the city first and renting before making a permanent move like buying a house is a great start. You can do all the research you want, but it will always be slightly different from living the experience. Or maybe you like surprises and challenges. For those adventurous individuals, move on to step 2!

2. Find A Real Estate Agent Who’s Willing To Do Time

No matter the distance from them, your real estate agent will be your biggest asset when you’re not currently living in the area. They will know about the property and the schools, the neighborhood, the community, and the culture. So you’ll need a real estate agent who’s willing to put in the work to match your dreams and goals with the proper location. This is especially crucial since we’re in a seller’s market right now, so the buyer and agent have to move fast! 

As your real estate agents, we are committed to finding you that dream house, no matter what time of the day. As a Mallach and Company client, we guarantee our premium customer service and dedication to your goal of living in Leander. 

3. Think About Taxes

There are no state taxes in Texas! However, if you plan to work remotely after moving, remember that tax collectors in high-tax states (like California) might insist you keep paying state income taxes. You’ll want to check with your payroll department or tax accountant to clarify what happens to your finances after moving. 

4. Research Insurance 

Insurance is another factor that will vary on your location. Be sure to research homeowners and auto insurance so you’re properly educated and know what to expect. Don’t forget health insurance! Especially if you’re moving cross-country and keeping your employee coverage, you’ll need to find new doctors and medical providers that accept your insurance. 

5. Clean Out Clutter

The most annoying part of moving is when you drag something for miles and miles to bring it to your new home, and you never touch it or use it again. It’s a reminder of wasted space and sometimes money! Movers charge by the number of items, volume, or weight. So to lower that cost, lower how much you own. Assess what items you need to move and what can be bought later. To get the best deal, get at least three quotes from movers early on. 

If you’re ready for your move to Leander, we’re happy to help! Contact us today to begin your home buying or selling journey!  Reach out to us anytime: (512) 699-9714 or

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