Fall Home Projects to Start Now

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Cooler weather has finally arrived in Central Texas! Do you know what that means? It’s time to perform fall home maintenance to keep your home in tip-top shape. Save yourself time and money by tackling these fall home projects this weekend! Regular home maintenance is essential in preserving the major systems within your home, and it may also reduce homeowner costs along the way. 

1. Clean the gutters

When leaves fall into gutters, they can create buildup, and when it rains, it could cause water to overflow.  Clean your gutters, or better yet, hire a pro to tackle the job!  Clean, well-secured gutters are a simple way to protect the exterior of your home, your home’s foundation, and the drainage around your home. While you’re at it, look for areas where gutters are loose and may have separated from the house.

2. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Daylight Savings Time is the perfect time to check on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. When we “Fall Back” on Sunday, November 7, change the batteries in both devices when you reset your clocks!  You should also replace any smoke detectors that are over ten years old.

3. Clean the fireplace/chimney

If you plan to use your fireplace in the winter, you should remove soot buildup and any unwanted guests that could pose a fire risk. A professional chimney sweep will clean the chimney and inspect the entire fuel venting system for signs of wear & tear. Not only will a clean chimney make it safer to build a cozy fire, it will also make your fireplace more efficient.

4. Perform furnace maintenance

For months we’ve been blasting the AC to keep the heat away, but now we’re shifting gears with the weather. Before turning on the heat, it’s best to call for routine maintenance; if you make an appointment now, you’ll beat the seasonal rush!. ​

5. Winterize water pipes

Avoid frozen pipes and water damage this winter by draining any outdoor water spigots. You may also want to shut off water to exterior faucets and drain sprinkler systems for extra protection as the temperature drops.. 

6. Assess windows and doors

Did you know heat lost through windows and doors can account for up to 30 percent of home energy use?  To keep the heat in the house, look for cracks or gaps in the exterior caulking, check seals around exterior doors, and add caulking or weather stripping as needed. 

Taking the time to perform these routine fall home projects will keep you cozy and safe all winter long!  If you’re looking for your next cozy home, contact Contact Mallach & Company today!

Photo by Mahnoor Shams on Unsplash

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