What Everyone Needs to Know About Choosing a Listing Agent

Whether you’re thinking of selling before the year is over or at the start of the year, who you choose as your listing agent is crucial for your home’s success. Here are some qualities and questions you should ask potential listing agents before choosing one to sign a contract with.

How Will the Listing Agent Price Your Home?

Pricing is a huge part of how quickly your home will sell. If you start too high, you’ll scare buyers away, which means your home will sit on the market longer. And if your home sits on the market for too long, other buyers will begin to think there’s something wrong with it. That’s why you need a listing agent that doesn’t guesstimate or give you a number you want to hear. The listing agent should share their process of coming up with a fair number based on how the market is currently performing. 

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How Will the Listing Agent Market Your Home?

The most important part of selling a home is having a plan. Most marketing is done digitally through emails, social media, blog posts, etc. If it’s not digital, then it’s print, but running an ad in the local paper doesn’t cut it anymore. A listing is only as successful as how it’s listed. Your listing agent should have a clear answer for how they plan to market your home and where they will find potential buyers. 

View samples of our property marketing pieces with the links below:

When you choose Mallach & Company as your listing agent, you’re choosing a real estate agent with a plan. Our selling strategy includes home staging, market expertise, targeted marketing, and more. Read more about our selling strategy here

What Is Their Speciality?

REALTORS® are no longer REALTORS® that can do it all. Nowadays, a REALTOR® will have a specialty. It could be demographics like people relocating or first-time homebuyers, geographical like Leander and Cedar Park, or property types like condos or single-family homes. When you choose a listing agent, you want to select the one that best represents your home, as it will determine how it will be listed and the audience it reaches. 

What Does the Listing Agent Expect of You? 

Part of the home selling process is based on your flexibility too! It’s important to know what your agent will require of you. Do you do a few open houses for a couple of hours or appointments only? Do you have to take your pet out of the house with you when it’s being shown? Should you need to repaint? Can you use your own furniture or do you need to stage your home?

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