Simple Ways To Save On Cooling Costs During The Texas Heat

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Texas summers are all in good fun when you can take the weekend off and go for a refreshing swim in one of our local springs. However, the scorching heat can start to take its toll as you’re working on those pesky home improvement projects. With that in mind, here are some simple ways to keep your home cool during the summer months without breaking your budget.

Reminder To Tune Up

This is one of the most useful, but most forgotten ways to keep temperatures cool. It can feel like a hassle to constantly repair, upgrade, and maintain your air conditioning units, but it is absolutely essential. When your A/C unit is working in overdrive to maintain your home at a reasonable temperature during the scorching summer months, there can be a lot more than the normal wear and tear. So make sure to schedule that inspection and keep your beloved A/C in pristine condition.

We’re Fans of Fans

Invest in strong fans to keep the indoor air circulating. And don’t forget to change the circulation of your fans themselves! Counter-clockwise rotation during the summer months will create a cool downward stream of air to bring the cool air closest to you. Also, remember to ensure your home is properly insulated to keep that sweltering heat away from the chilly indoors. Closed blinds can go a long way to keep your home cooler without spending too much on air conditioning.

Bask In The Shade

When all else fails, get outside and enjoy what gardening can do for your property. Not only will some beautiful trees and shrubbery increase the value of your home and entice future buyers with excellent curb appeal, but also provide some worthwhile shade on areas of your home. Look for blooming trees that are local to your region. These trees will keep your home and lawn shady all day and help keep those summer costs down to a minimum!

Test out some of these tips this summer to stay cool against the high temperatures in Texas without breaking the bank. If you’re ready to find your next dream home, contact Mallach & Company today!

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