Mallach In The Metro | Why You Should Move To Dallas-Fort Worth

Did you know that Mallach and Company is now representing the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area? With inexpensive housing, a unique family-friendly environment, a stunning art scene, and all kinds of exciting upcoming events and developments, it’s no surprise that buyers, sellers, and the entire real estate industry are drawn to this area.

So, let’s dive into why you should consider buying in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Affordable Living

Raising a family in today’s market is expensive, no doubt about it, but location means everything when it comes to finding inexpensive living for a family. And luckily for fans of the metro, several Dallas suburbs have been found to be some of the most affordable cities for families in 2023.

Harmony Healthcare IT, a data management firm, ranked numerous cities across the country in terms of least expensive to most expensive. Check out where several Dallas suburbs ranked.

#3 – Plano

#4 – Irving

#6 – Garland

#10 – Fort Worth

With outstanding academics, a diverse community, excellent neighborhoods, and unparalleled metropolitan amenities, Dallas suburbs are some of the best places to raise a family in Texas.

Arts & Culture

Not only is the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area family-friendly and affordable, but it has a wonderfully exciting and dynamic artistic community that the entire family can enjoy. Just this month, numerous Dallas-Fort Worth artists and galleries are showing off their love for art, culture, and more with the following exhibitions.

28th Annual “El Corazón”

Bath House Cultural Center | Now through March 4

“Out of the Fire”

Love Texas Art | Now through March 19

“MVMTLS: Movement of Lone Stars”

South Dallas Cultural Center | Now through March 24

“Deep in the Art of Texas”

Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery | February 18 through March 25

Upcoming Developments

The great thing about living in a thriving metropolitan area like Dallas is that it is constantly evolving and growing. Just recently, Universal has made progress on developing a new one-of-a-kind Shrek theme park and a themed hotel on adjacent land in Dallas.
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