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4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Your Winter Vacation

With the holiday season just around the corner, many Texas homeowners are planning vacations, get-togethers, and more, but winter weather can be a strong force against unattended homes. So before you head out the door for your winter wonderland adventures, follow these tips to keep your home protected from the elements. Remove Perishables Depending on the length of your holiday trip, it's wise to...

What Homeowners Need to Know About Senate Bill 1588-Mallach and Company-Leander Texas-Homeowners Rights-SB 1588-Texas HOA

What Homeowners Need to Know About Senate Bill 1588

There have been growing concerns about power imbalances between HOAs and property owners in HOA communities. These concerns cover various topics such as: Challenges between property owners and oversight boards Costly fees related to real estate transfersDifficulty accessing necessary governance and operations information. Texas lawmakers passed Senate Bill 1588, which went into effect in September...

4 Tips to Lower Your Homeowner Costs This Spring - Mallach_and_Company

4 Tips to Lower Your Homeowner Costs This Spring

Spring is on the way, which means warmer temperatures and more expensive bills as you utilize your AC more. If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to save money this spring and summer, try some of these tips!  1. Refinance Your Mortgage Mortgage rates are still low, but they’re rising again. Homeowners can save money monthly and yearly by refinancing their mortgage. While they’ll initially...

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