Home Sellers: Do These 9 Projects to Increase Your Home’s Selling Price

Home Sellers, Do These 9 Projects to Increase Your Home’s Selling Price-Mallach & Company

We, and other industry experts, recommend these 9 projects before listing your home so you can increase your home’s selling price and get top dollar!

1. Fresh coat of paint

Over time, walls experience a lot of wear and tear and can get dingy looking easily. This is especially true if you’ve lived in your home for years and have kids and pets. It’s easy for homeowners to overlook it since they’re used to the sight, but buyers aren’t. A new coat of paint will make the home stand out against other properties and reduce the time it spends on the market

2. Wash the windows

Another piece of the house homeowners overlook is the windows. Windows need to be cleaned, scrubbed, and shining by the time you decide to list. The feeling you get afterward is similar to cleaning your windshield at the gas station and realizing how much better you can see now! For the exterior windows, you might need a power cleaner. At that point, it might be wise to call in the professionals. Once all the windows are cleaned, more light will come into the home, and we want all the natural light!

3. Deep clean

We’re not talking about wiping things down and vacuuming. We’re talking about cleaning the things you forget about, like cleaning ceiling fans, removing dust from picture frames, and wiping down the baseboards. Don’t forget the kitchen! This means a sparkling oven and refrigerator. This task can be challenging and time-consuming for some homeowners, so it can be cost and time effective to outsource this task.

4. Declutter

Decluttering before you list will make the home seem more spacious as there’s less to crowd the area, but it will also help when you move since you’ll have less to pack. As the pros say, remove whatever does not spark joy. It can also be as easy as clearing off the countertops, packing extra decor and pictures, and removing excess furniture to make a huge difference.

5. Increase curb appeal

Don’t forget about the exterior now that we’ve done the interior! The first impression a buyer has on your home is crucial to your home’s success. It’s why curb appeal is so important! Some things you can do to increase your curb appeal are adding plants, fresh mulch around plants, reseeding bare patches on the lawn, and adding some colorful flowers. Make selling your home easy when it looks good the first time buyers see it. 

6. Pest control

No matter the season, do a pest check. Especially in our hot Texas weather, bugs are dying to come into the AC. This simple project will also give buyers peace of mind knowing their future home has already been treated, and they don’t have to worry about finding a dead cockroach on their move-in day.

7. Remove proof of kids and pets

When you list your home, it should be void of anything that gives it a personality, like personal decor, family pictures, and pet items. Buyers want to know they’re getting a clean home. Plus, the lack of personalization will help the buyer imagine their own family or pets in the space.

8. Upgrade kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets also see some wear and tear and are an effective way to give the kitchen a fresh look. There are several options for updating cabinets, from painting and staining to replacing hardware, like handles. It’s a budget-friendly upgrade to impress buyers. 

9. Adding a backsplash

The last step to give off the impression of an updated kitchen is adding a backsplash. It’s another budget-friendly activity to make an impact. A neutral subway tile is best with a backsplash since you want the look to be long-lasting. You can make it stand out by installing them vertically, herringbone, or as a basketweave pattern.

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