Costly Renovation Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

Costly Renovation Mistakes To Avoid This Summer - Tina Mallach - Mallach and Company - Mallach & Company - Real Estate - Leander - Texas

What is it about summer that calls us homeowners to tread outdoors in the Texas heat, measuring tape in hand, and imagine our next big backyard renovation project? Despite its large undertaking, a home project in the summertime is exciting! 

However, before you dive headfirst into renovation plans, budgets, and timelines, let’s review a few common renovation mistakes that could be costly!

Don’t: Rush

A renovation is time-consuming, there’s no doubt about it. Embrace the time needed to thoroughly evaluate the project needs, decide on a plan, and find a professional to get started. By not rushing into the renovation, you are setting yourself (and your contractors) up for success!

Don’t: Under-Budget

A budget can be a fantastic tool when it comes to planning out your home renovation, but inexperienced home renovators often underestimate the funds needed to complete a project. While there is always some wiggle room in a budget, it can be a costly mistake to under-budget for your next home improvement project. 

Don’t: Overlook The Law

Once you have the idea in your head, it can be difficult to wait around while the city reviews your renovation. It’s your dream – we get it! Stay on top of your project by researching zoning codes, any city regulations, and your local HOA rules. Remember that permits can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to process, so get your permits in order now to save you a ton of time later!

Do: Dream Big

Any home improvement task, renovation, or interior design change can be a big commitment. And while these projects can feel like an intense undertaking, the results will speak for themselves. So dream big and invest in your home! These modifications will enhance your space, add value to your home, and be a remarkable accomplishment! 

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