Spruce Up Your Home With These Spring Cleaning Projects

Spruce Up Your Home With These Spring Cleaning Projects Mallach and Company Austin Real Estate Leander Cedar Park Texas Hill Country Global Reach

Throw open the blinds, let the warm air in, and jump for joy – spring is finally here! And what better way to celebrate this season of relaxation, rejuvenation, and reinvention than with the ultimate spring cleaning guide? With these tips, tricks, and unexpected projects, your property will be shining bright all year long!

Air it Out

Let your home breathe this spring season by cracking open the doors and windows. Next, give the interior a thorough sweeping – tackle any dust that’s hidden away in the cracks and crevices of your home. Remember to dust off any surfaces before this sweeping! And finally, ensure that you remove any rugs, runners, and welcome mats to dust them outdoors as well. 

​​​​Declutter & Destress

Spring is all about relaxation, but it can be difficult to truly unwind when your home space is cluttered with knick-knacks, unfinished DIY projects, and unwanted items. So, grab the to-do lists this season because it’s time to check off “deep cleaning” this year. Get serious about donating clothes, decor, and anything that’s clogging up your home. Invest in quality storage, cabinets, and closet systems that make sense for you and your home. You will be amazed at how incredible it will feel to have a decluttered space.

Keep It Cool

Now that spring has sprung, and the weather is getting warmer, homeowners need to set up their homes for success. Did you know that you need to change the direction of your ceiling fans between springtime and winter? The warmer weather dictates a counter-clockwise motion so homes can properly cool. While tackling this quick and easy project, give your fans a quick cleaning, and consider investing in some energy-efficient models for your property to keep things cool.

Self Sufficiency & Sustainability

In a time so focused on sustainability and environmentally friendly living, let’s take a closer look at what you can do to make your home a more efficient place to live this spring. First and foremost, hire a professional to inspect your home for the season, specifically your air conditioning units. Ensure that everything is working properly before the warm weather fully kicks in. Be prepared to make any upgrades or replacements that are needed.

Give your home the refresh it deserves this spring. For more tips on spring cleaning, home maintenance, and exciting renovation projects, contact Mallach and Company!

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