Simple Home Exterior Upgrades To Enhance Your Property Value

Simple Home Exterior Upgrades To Enhance Your Property Value - Mallach and Company - Tina Mallach - Texas Real Estate

First impressions matter. From the general upkeep of your property to the color of your front door, a prospective buyer’s first impression of your home can be made in a matter of seconds. As the summer real estate season approaches, it has never been more important to keep your property in tip-top shape, investing in certain upgrades and home improvements that will have a lasting impact on your curb appeal and property value.

So, which projects are right for you and your home? Let’s dive in.

Great Foundation Plants

When considering property landscaping, foundation plants are often thought to be dull foliage with tedious restrictions, overlooked and underappreciated. These ideals couldn’t be further from the truth. The right foundation plant can instantly elevate a home, adding a much-needed splash of color, texture, or structure.

Here are some of our favorites to plant this season:

  • Spirea – These flowering shrubs enjoy partial shade but are tolerant of various soils and weather conditions. Growing exceptionally fast with orange, yellow, and hot pink blooms, the Spirea plant has a lot of love to give in a landscaping design.
  • Daylily – These sturdy perennials won’t let weather or lack of water stop them from bursting with colorful blooms and growing as tall as five feet! Daylilies are a favorite among deer, with their blossoming flowers of every color, so keep an eye out in your yards for local wildlife.

An Elegant, But Matching, Front Door

A common mistake we see with great homes that somehow stay on the market is an investment in the wrong design elements of a home. A magnificent front door and porch area can be a huge draw for buyers, only if that elegance matches the rest of the home. Many properties will invest in curb appeal that doesn’t reflect the style of the property. So, regardless of material, style, and shape, remember to choose a front door design that is synonymous with the home’s design and character. 

Get creative this month with your home improvement designs! Whether you’re sprucing up your home for a stunning summer season or looking to list your property on the market, Mallach and Company has you covered!

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