2024 Color Palette Trends For Your Modern Living Rooms

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Is it too early to be thinking about color trends for 2024? We sure don’t think so! There’s no better way to enhance your home than by staying ahead of the curve with design trends. 

Color is one of the most important elements of interior design, as it can completely transform a room through a simple change in wallpaper, a bold new rug, or brightly-colored accent decor scattered throughout the space. And for many of us, our living rooms are the central hub of our homes, so choosing the right colors is vital.

Let’s dive into these upcoming trends in living room colors!

Sky Blues

As with many recent design trends, nature is a huge inspiration for this color palette trend. While sky blue tends to bring a typical decor to mind, it is actually a very malleable color, offering a variety of hues that will match any personality or style already in place. 

Tip: Lighting will have a considerable impact on this particular color, either casting a paleness onto it or deepening its vibrancy. Be aware of how the natural lighting in your home will affect this color.

Natural Neutrals

With every new year comes a new slate of neutrals to touch up your space, subtly enhancing your bold statement colors. Expert designers are predicting a more natural palette of neutrals inspired by the warmth of the season.

Tip: Remember that neutral colors best impact a space when layered in with other complementary textures and shades.

Delicate Pinks 

Next year, the idea of “statement shades” is taking a unique turn, focusing on boldness in softness. Designers are highlighting the beauty of a soft pink to make a statement in your home. Whether embracing a soft pink hue across the entire space, utilizing a single piece of furniture, or painting an accent wall, consider this delicate color in use for a modern but evocative style.

Tip: Shy away from using this pale pink color in dark rooms that will overpower the softness of it.

Embrace these upcoming 2024 color trends for your living spaces, and get ready for the compliments! Contact Mallach and Company for even more home design trends, homeowner’s guides, and local real estate market updates.

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