Quick Tips To Make Your Home More Luxurious Before The Family Flies In For The Holidays

Quick Tips To Make Your Home More Luxurious Before The Family Flies In For The Holidays - Mallach and Company - Tina Mallach - Mallach & Company - Leander Real Estate - Texas Real Estate

With Thanksgiving almost here and even more holidays on the horizon, you might be feeling the pressure to transform your home into a seasonal wonderland but aren’t quite sure how, especially under a time crunch and a budget! 

Luckily, making your home more elegant and ready for holiday hosting isn’t as tricky as it sounds. We’ve compiled a few simple tips, tricks, and quick updates that will refine and polish your already beautiful space. 

Showcase Chic But Functional Items

The beauty of an elegant, luxurious home lies in its high-class functionality. Think of your kitchen. Do you have your collection of pots, pans, and kitchen utensils hidden away in a messy cupboard in order to keep the counters clean? In a lavish kitchen, you can expect the opposite. Kitchenware becomes a statement of design. Cutting boards will elegantly lay, a few sleek copper pots will hang above the stove, and premium knife blocks will boldly sit on the counters. These statement items serve multiple purposes, embracing function and form in the space. So grab your finest functional pieces and display them!

Embrace Texture

Adding another layer of design can take your home to a new level. Most often, designers will play with color and furniture arrangements to instantly spruce up a space. However, to embrace a more luxurious design, we suggest incorporating a new dimension to your home – texture. After all, an elegant home is a balanced home. And that balance is found in a combination of harmonious colors, textures, and art. Consider the mood you want to create this holiday season and bring in the textures that best suit these needs. 

Layer Lighting

Lighting and its fixtures play an integral part in the beauty of a home. Simple overhead lighting may be functional, but it doesn’t add anything to a space. And as we work to embrace a more grand home design this holiday season, it’s time to introduce subtle lighting changes. If you have the time, change out lampshades and other light fixtures for a more chic design while also considering additions of elegant candlesticks, fairy lights, and seasonal lighting elements as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Transform your home this season with these simple touches that will have your friends and family marveling at your space! For more tips on hosting tips, homeownership, and local market updates, contact Mallach and Company!

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