The Top 2024 Interior Design Trends You Can Start Implementing In Your Home Now

The Top 2024 Interior Design Trends You Can Start Implementing In Your Home Now - Mallach And Company - Leander Texas - Texas Real Estate

The season is officially here, and we’re not just talking about the holiday season! As beautiful winter weather takes hold of Texas and the New Year awaits, we can’t help but think about what 2024 will hold for our homes. Understanding upcoming interior design trends is a vital aspect of decorating any home, regardless of whether you are seeking an entire home makeover or a simple style shift for the season.

Let’s take a look at some of the top interior design trends for 2024!

An Accent Of Texture

Next year, many designers are predicting an influx of textured accents in the home. From backsplashes to bathroom vanities to the sides of kitchen islands to even living room furniture, the addition of texture can add new layers to a home’s design. 

Warm Neutrals

The famed cool neutrals of 2023 are being swiped under the rug as we dive headfirst into a new year of neutrals! In 2024, experts are anticipating warm base colors to take the lead in home design trends. In contrast to previously used blue-grays and harsh whites, these warm neutrals will showcase a calmer environment with beiges, cream whites, and vibrant browns.

Hidden Appliances

Homeowners are taking innovative design to a new level in 2024, with the trend of hidden appliance “garages” taking the interior design world by storm. Clutter-free homes have grown wildly popular as many homeowners prioritize tranquil, clean environments in their homes. 

Custom Features

Many homeowners (and interested buyers) are finding themselves drawn to the allure of custom, often handmade, features in a home. Whether that’s handcrafted backsplash tiles, charming custom-made bathroom vanities, or even simple handmade doorknobs, these unique features add a new dimension to home design.

Happy Holidays From Mallach And Company!

Are you ready for 2024? With these exciting home design trends, your home will be refreshed and renewed for the new year. For more tips on home design, homeownership, and local market updates, contact Mallach and Company!

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